Our Calvary

These beautiful, wise words came to me from a friend today. My friend didn't know for certain where to find the source in print, and although I tried to find confirmation of the author or a copy of the poem via Google, they were nowhere to be seen. But I believe the author would not object to finding it here. Anyone who understands this truth as well as the poet clearly does, would want the world to know by all means possible.

Our Calvary

The tree
That fell last year
Knows now just why it fell;
Why came that hell
Of axe and saw, and leaping, clear blue flame.
To the world's uses it was set
In pit, or ship, or polished cabinet,
Or other needs of man.
The spirit of the tree
Knows now the plan
Of that, its agony.

So we,
Fall'n in the mire
Shall someday surely know
Why life held blow
On blow, and sacrificial fire and knife,
Seeing one stand the firmer for our rout,
Or some brave, laughing ship of youth sail out
The braver for our pain.
So-know, seeing-we
Shall smile again
At this, our Calvary.

- Constance Holm

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Kay Day said... November 12, 2009 at 9:16 AM  

I missed this when it posted. It seems more meaningful now after reading your post on despair.

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