Words of War

Love poetry, hate war? Then you should visit Gary Brown's newest blog, The Heart of War. Be warned: this is not easy reading. But what Gary has written is important, I think, because the juxtaposition of such lyrical language with the horrors of the subject matter lends a desperately needed freshness to the message. In our jaded culture, when the distance afforded by the Internet and the evening news makes war too easily watched and too easily ignored, Gary's work may remind you of the outrage lost along with innocence. That's a good thing, even if it hurts a little. Here's a sample, used by permission:


Destined to be someone’s three-limbed

poster child for peace,

for war,

for nothing and

much more,

they made me their

one man parade,

a lifetime limping billboard for

the strangers who

will never know

my name;

who’ve now moved on,

forgotten the cause which prompted them

so many years ago

to plant a mine

along my path

to school.

Without a foot,

without a leg,

without a way to class again,

I began

another education

where pain and sorrow

taught me long,

other people, too.

Sweaty years of stumbling as

the object of sad eyes,

the target of a taunt,

the last in line

have roughly led me to a place

where God’s embrace

of fierce gentility has gripped me so

I can’t let go;

for I am not the first child He has

rescued from the

public cross

of someone seeking

private justice.

Copyright (c) 2007 Gary Brown. All rights reserved.

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